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Book review: Making History – Bruce Polky

At the age of six, you are given a PAD. This piece of technology is integrated into your life, reviewyou can do nothing without it. They never fail, they never go faulty. Or at least that’s what they would have you believe. There was one chip distributed that was faulty, but they would never admit this, and since it is designed to cover any faults it cannot be proved. Dav was unfortunate to have been issued such a device, leaving him no choice but to pursue less than lawful means. He never expected the consequences of his actions would be so grand, and the truth that had been concealed from everyone would be so vast. What most people thought was truth and knowledge for all, was in fact carefully filtered propaganda designed at keeping them in place. Things are about to change.

Making History by Bruce Polky is an entertaining and gripping science fiction filled with technology, brilliant ideas, and great world/universe building. The characters are complex, intriguing, and evolving. It is written in a compelling narrative which makes it difficult to put down. I particularly liked the alternative history chapters where we learn about how things came to be, from the first idea of sharing knowledge and beyond. These snippets made an interesting intermission which further enhanced the flow of the story and builds upon the information we had already been given. This was a really enjoyable read, and will be highly appealing to lovers of sci-fi.

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