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Book review: Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider – Ellen C Maze (@authorellenmaze )

The problem with writing a good book is you never know how far it will reach, nor the reviewimpact it will have on those who read it. Beth was used to the somewhat overzealous fans, but what she wasn’t prepared for was a visit from a monster straight from her tales. He marked her for sport, but when her path crossed with Michael’s he was certain there had been a mistake. She didn’t fit the profile of a rabbit. Her book had been dangerous to their kind, prompting a disconnection that the Elders hadn’t seen for a long time. This woman’s work was dangerous, and to secure their lifestyle she, and her influence, had to be forever silenced.

Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider is Ellen C Maze’s Christian paranormal. It focuses on Beth Rider, a young novelist whose book has turned the lives of the Rakum upside down. The steady paced novel introduces an increasing level of tension until you daren’t put it down because you just have to see how things will play out. Obviously being a Christian fiction, there is constant, yet not particularly preachy, injection of faith, God, and the power of religion, which means the book would appeal to those who both enjoy a faith orientated read, and those who find an overly-religious tone too oppressive. The balance in this book was good, and central to the unique plotline. This is a fantastic story, with plenty to be taken away from it. The more you read into the meanings, the more messages become apparent. Hope, salvation, fear, threat, challenges, and trials will keep you reading, while the ever-growing characters and their forming bonds will keep you hungry for more.


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