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Book review: The Ancient Order – JB Michaels

When thirty legionaries and a priest go missing following a request for information on reviewthe Christian God, and this new religion, what is to be done? Simple, you send Magnus, proven and respected warrior, to investigate. His journey leads him to an unsettling discovery, where an impossible show of brute force is just the start of his unsettling discoveries. With the introduction of the new religion by the Romans there are those who hold the old ways close, so close there is nothing they won’t resort to in order to ensure their ways live, even if that means a brutal killing spree of not only those embracing the new ways, but the innocent as well. Something needs to be done to not only protect those of this time, but to aid the generations who will follow.

The Ancient Order is the prequel to the Bud Hutchins Supernatural Thrillers Series. JB Michaels has created this short novella as a means to explain how the Order referenced and integral to the later books in the series is first formed. It fills in the background history, while providing an interesting adventure you can’t help but be pulled into. Conflict, suspicion, and mistrust fill the air as ancient threats rise and a clash between old ways and new seems the only means to obtain a victory. It was great watching the forming of this union, the foundation of what becomes a cornerstone of supernatural protection in the future. I liked the main characters, who were enhanced by those playing a more supporting role. JB Michaels has certainly added another perspective to his later books in the series, and his writing style continues to hold its audience captive.


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