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Book review: Melissa H Coleman – Hidden City of Alchemy (@melhnorthauthor)

In Melissa H Coleman’s, Hidden City of Alchemy, Albert has been watching Lizzy for two reviewyears, protecting her from the shadows, but when she fled wearing the blue ring he knew he had failed. With her mother missing, and a family secret that could spell the end of all, Lizzie must quickly discover her heritage, a past shrouded in riddles, and possessing secrets she could not even imagine. She cannot do it alone, luckily with Albert beside her, and those sworn to protect history’s secret, she will have support, but when faced with an enemy with endless resources and no conscience, the path will be more difficult than she could ever imagine.
Melissa H. Coleman’s Hidden City of Alchemy offers a unique writing style which switches between narration and third person, with the narrator added snippets sometimes during the third-person perspective. While not a fan of this particular style it was executed well, in a way that would appeal to a younger reader, but the action and maturity of some scenes steer it more to a young adult audience. The plot is filled with mystery and secrets from the start, some of which begin unfolding with the plot. I enjoyed the steampunk setting, and how the author created that book with a nice balance, mentioning the things often associated with steampunk, without it becoming overpowering to the book and plot. Lizzie’s journey is wrought with peril, danger, and uncertainty, and watching her solve clues and riddles to unlock the secrets of her ancestor’s past and the present danger was gripping. In a way, it reminded me in parts of The Davinci Code, The Ninth Gate, and Angels and Demons, in the sense they all are filled with riddles, high stakes, action and mystery. Hidden City of Alchemy offers the reader an enjoyable and entertaining adventure, where stakes are high and danger lurks around every bend.

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