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Book review: The Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets by Madeleine Holly-Rosing (@MHollyRosing )

Jonathon was pleased to have his daughter home again, but her return was not the easy reviewtransition he had hoped. Although her visions had not returned, she and her new husband had barely been under his roof when news of Jonathan’s older brother, Hal, and his impending visit arrived, followed by a prompt attempt on his life. Since Jonathan was given the family business, Hal had always enjoyed making things challenging for his little brother. But this time he arrived with news of an impending war, one Jonathon had also seen the warnings of. When Elizabeth’s visions return, everything must be done to conceal and master them. This gift was something of a curse, one which could ruin not only her reputation, but that of her father’s house. But there is a purpose to their return, and a danger no one can perceive.

The Boston Metaphysical Society, A Storm of Secrets by Madeleine Holly-Rosing is a steampunk fantasy with some impressive world creation. It is easy to fully immerse yourself in the fictional world full of charm, turmoil, threat, and secrets and be whisked away by strong characters you can’t help but like. They are realistic with their own ambitions, goals, and motivations and they remain true to their character. I haven’t read all that many steampunk novels, mainly because aside from Steam Whistle Alley, which I came across last year, I haven’t read many that have been well-executed. I was pleased to give this a try and found myself happy to add another well-written steampunk novel to my collection.

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Book review: Wilbert Stanton’s Gears of Fate (@wilbert_stanton )

Zak Walker, a fringe rat living on the outskirts of the slums and doing dangerous labour reviewin the hope to look after his sister, could never imagine the plan fate has for him. He only wanted to protect his sister. His father, since their mother left, is a mean and violent drunk, and Zak had sworn to look after Alice. But the distance he would go to keep this vow would surprise even him. The day Seneca appeared was the start of his twisted path. His sister vanishes, spirited away to Earth, a place now abandoned by the gods and left to the Fey. Zak must unite the gods, but to do so he must pull Zeus from his fractured state by retrieving something stolen from him by his treacherous son, Ares. Earth is not like it was in the time of the gods, now it is nothing more than a hunting ground of rivalry and survival, a honey trap, pretty, but deadly to those who don’t know how to look after themselves. Can Zak survive in a place where trust can be a death sentence, and keep his promise to protect his sister? Find out in Gears of Fate, Forgotten God’s, book one, by Wilbert Stanton.

Gears of Fate put me in mind of Piercy Jackson meets the Golden compass and Disney’s treasure island. There’s a steampunk element that I found charming. Seneca’s character reminded me of one of my favourite characters from Tales of Vesperia. As a gamer and fantasy lover, not to mention a lover of Greek gods and mythos this book ticked a lot of my boxes. Well written, engrossing, Imaginative, gripping, and fun. You’ll find yourself lost in a world of dangers, where nothing is quite what it appears. Wilbert Stanton has a talent for world building and character development and creates believable relationships, technologies, adaptations, and content fleshing out an amazing world. A great start to what promises to be a gripping series.


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