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Book review: S. Lynn Helton – Power Awry

In S. Lynn Helton’s Power Awry Namid is busying herself helping to rebuild her former reviewhome, Rhadanthus, which was turned to all most ruin following the wake of her former adventure. With winter drawing in, time to create a safe shelter was running out, but little did she know the coming of Spring would bring more than just new blossoms. New enemies also appear, and new schemes. Forced to flee following a brutal attack, Namid finds herself returning to her family home, only to discover someone there has already made plans for her return and ascension to the throne. Her only hope is to find the whereabouts of the true heir, her missing brother, but after so many years the trail has grown cold, and with the long-spanning plans of former enemies she wonders if finding him is truly for the best, especially when all she leaves in her wake appears to be death and destruction.

Power Awry is the second book in S. Lynn Helton’s Wild Heritance series. While I have had the pleasure of reading the first book, it was not essential for me to have previous knowledge of the plot to fully enjoy the story. In this book we see the return of characters from the previous one, all with different but essential roles to be performed. I enjoyed watching the alteration, conflict, and growth as they are forced onto this new path. The interesting forms of magic will appease lovers of fantasy, as does the continuation of the magnificent world-building witnessed in the first book. Adventure, tension, insecurities, and manipulation fuel this action-packed read. While partially answered questions about certain pasts are hinted at, leaving the reader eager to learn more about things once buried in the past. There are a few surprises to be uncovered, and the promise of further danger still to come. An enjoyable and entertaining read from beginning to end.

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