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Book Review: S. Lynn Helton – Duplicity of Power

In S. Lynn Helton’s Duplicity of Power, Namid had spent a long time hiding who she was. reviewShe had left that life behind and embraced her place in the Shadowers. But when her path crossed with the son of a renowned lord her life would be forever altered. He had something unusual in his possession, and sheer chance saw her rescue him from the brink of death, only to be plunged headfirst into chaos and adventure as a long-forgotten threat destroys all she knows and loves. Partnered with unusual allies, on an unbelievable quest which could hold the fate of the six realms in the balance, she must not only confront her past but utilise the very things she kept buried. An old god, once thought vanquished, appears to be rising in power, and the only hope rests on a band of unlikely heroes, rouges and nobles, working in unison to overcome the obstacles that lie in wait.

Duplicity of Power is the first book in S. Lynn Helton’s Wild Heritance series. I have to admit, right from the start this was exactly the kind of epic fantasy I wanted to read. I was hooked from page one, and brought into an imaginative world of guilds, gods, and thieves, where the dark setting is lifted only by the vibrant characters we find within. I loved the complexities of Namid and Aahmes’ relationship, and how the group thrust together by fate are tempered and evolve through the struggles, challenges, and opposition they faced. The way they go from a segregated group, thrust together by coincidence, to comrades is beautifully portrayed, and I appreciated how every character had their own secrets, some more poignant than others, most of which are revealed as part of the plot. I found the writing style engaging and the world-building imaginative with an excellent magic system in place and the perfect building of tension and atmosphere right to the climax. Action, adventure, strife, and struggles, intertwine with a plot of secrets, mysteries, and friendship in a tale that will leave any lover of fantasy satisfied and wanting more, and due to how much I loved this tale, and how I felt this book offered readers something special, Duplicity of Power has been added to my own, exclusive, recommended books list.

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