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Book review: The Ruin of House Hornbolt by Ivy Smoak and Ryan Hauge (@IvySmoakAuthor) (@RyanHaugeAuthor)

Terric had grown up hearing tales of brave knights and great warriors. He wanted nothing more than to follow suit, to begin his own epic journey, and yet fate was against him. Born as the second son of the House of Hornbolt he is destined to swear his oaths and become a priest. Nothing could be further from what he wanted, nothing more contrary to his nature. With the time of his oath approaching he must act quickly if he is to avoid this life-destroying commitment. Meanwhile, his mother is once more on the trail of her father’s murderer, and it seems the suspect could be closer to home than she had ever imagined. With the tournament to name ‘Arwin’s Lance’ soon upon them the city is flooded with visitors, from the prince who the eldest daughter, Oriana, wishes to marry, to the rouge who wants to steal her heart. Everything is happening, right here, right now, and still so much remains unseen. Will the truth be uncovered before unthinkable plots and secret dealings threaten everything?

The Ruin of House Hornbolt by Ryan Hauge Ivy Smoak is a thrilling and enchanting high fantasy filled to the brim with everything that makes this genre great, from secret guilds, assassins, and knights, all the way to ancient gods, prophecies, and magic. It’s no secret that I love fantasy, and The Ruin of House Hornbolt has something to please even the most fussy reader. A wide cast of characters, each with their own vibrant personalities, ambitions, and flaws will snare your attention while they move through the complex and engaging plot. Action, danger, romance, mystery, and adventure all combine with impressive world building to deliver an epic and immersive plot that leaves you wanting more.

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