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Book review: Devotion by Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor)

A disaster, a heart breaking, breath-stealing disaster. That was what Penny’s life had become. She should have been walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams, but how quickly those dreams had become a nightmare. Now, instead of her happily ever after she was trying to piece together the parts of her broken life, trying to build herself a future that no longer involved the person who was not just her heart, but her soul as well. Isabella had sought to drive a wedge between her and James, and she had succeeded, but that didn’t change how Penny felt. It didn’t change the fact her heart beat only for James. Will James realise what he has done, and if so can he convince Penny to take one more chance? Even if he does, will his ex-wife sit back and watch as they say their I dos, or will there be another scheme, another way to keep them apart, permanently.

Devotion is the final book in Ivy Smoak’s Hunted series, and what a read it is. Filled with disaster, tragedy, and heartbreak. Right from the start you are whisked away on an emotional rollercoaster. Just as things seem to settle, just as we share the joy of the characters the rug is pulled from under us, sending us into a heart-breaking spiral. There were times when reading this my heart hurt for the characters, a feeling that is becoming all too familiar when reading Ivy’s book. Ivy is a mistress of the written word, a maestro of playing the reader’s heart strings, and her every book is certainly a must read. Hands down my favourite author.

I read this book for the first time last year, and again this year. I thought it was time I did it a full length review.

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