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Book review: Andrew McDowell – Mystical Greenwood (@ammcdow)

Dermot has felt called to the land for as long as he could remember. As a youth his wanderlust caused him all manner of trouble, but now it could be the very thing that saves him. When a griffon appears it puts into motion an ancient promise, a vow made by The Dark Prince to return and finish the task he had started years before. Dermot, with the aid on unexpected allies must journey across the land to seek the only chance of stopping this rising force. Will he find what he seeks, or will The Dark Prince make true his promise and destroy everything Dermot holds dear?

Mystical Greenwood is a high fantasy. Andrew McDowell whisks the reader on a fantastical journey filled with legends, magic, and mythical creatures. With a smooth flowing narrative it is easy to connect to the characters and be pulled into the terrifying plot. I enjoyed the incorporation of old words into the narrative, which I always feel add a little extra something to any fantasy setting. The characters are intriguing and offered the potential to grow and develop as their journey progresses, and watching them change as life tempers them in itself is an adventure. If you’re looking for a high-stakes fantasy plot filled with classic fantasy elements, then this could be just the read you’re looking for.

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