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Book review: MJ Gaylor – The Seventh Trail

In MJ Gaylor’s The Seventh Trail, Owenton had fallen. The Master brought this news with reviewgrimness, speaking of beasts who conquered the walls of Owenton with ease and brought with them a plague before their attack to render defences almost useless. The Master came to the clockmaker Bisbee’s home to warn of the danger to his family, to his home of Harness, and set those needed on the right path to aid their survival. Few were ready to heed the warning, but Bisbee Saxton has an important role, the clockmaker was told the key to staunching the threat lies with defeating Krillian. He is like the beasts that are attacking, only stronger, more dangerous. Bisbee must journey to Charis and locate the well that holds the key to this monster’s defeat. Only then will there be hope, only then will there be a chance of protecting those he loves.

The Seventh Trail, Journey to the Well of Chayah, is a young adult adventure written by MJ Gaylor. Dialogue driven with a number of great scene-setting descriptions, to aid the reader in familiarising themself with the world and its threats. I enjoyed how each character had their own defined role and brought their own things to the tale, like the baker who gathers information from gossip, all the way to our somewhat reluctant hero, the clockmaker, who sets out on a journey in the hope to save all. I enjoyed following the exciting adventure as threat looms and a race against time to stop the coming danger begins. Imaginative world building combined with a well-paced third-person narrative, you will find action, danger, secrets, and truth all with a skittering of surprise.


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