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Book review: Jarrod L Edge – Zeta 6 (@E7Prophecy)

In Jarrod L Edge’s, Zeta 6, an origin story, the discarded 6-3-9 carbon alloy plated cyborg reviewremembered nothing. It ran, unaware of how it knew which path to take, or how it knew the things it did. The most essential things, those seeming most important were those it didn’t know, such as who it was, where it was, and how it came to be here. The confusion lasted long enough to escape, but with the return of its memories came another harrowing realisation, it wasn’t where it should be, who it should be. But what led to this, and how was it even possible? Only through reliving the past can the truth be uncovered and the future be paved.


In Jarrod L Edge’s, Zeta 6, an origin story, the reader is drawn into the world of science fiction with a bang. The engaging third-person narrative switches effortlessly through timelines allowing the reader to gain an understanding of the situation surrounding Aliana, and how things unfolded as they did. A tale of youthful enthusiasm gone awry, a life filled with promise, destroyed. Action, chaos, mystery, and manipulation fuel this origin story and engage a reader in such a way it is impossible not to be intrigued to read and learn more of this character, and what the future has in store for one who could have changed the lives of so many. While only a short tale there is a real atmosphere, tension, and, as expected from an origin tale, character building and development. The addition of artwork adds a little more flair to the tale, giving readers a brief glimpse through the author’s eyes. Engaging, entertaining, and most importantly fun, this short read will certainly leave you wanting more.

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