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Book review: Frole – Daniel J. Strait (@daniel_strait)

The prophecy spoke of those who must be found, but not of what must be endured. As life and death hang in the balance the small group of heroes finally find the black door to their next destination, but it is a place they were expected, a place where it seems their every move is already known. Science and magic mesh in the most unlikely ways as our heroes try to find the final member of their party. But can they succeed when every action seems manipulated to fulfil the visions these people have had, or will they meet with more challenges than they could ever foresee?

Frole by Daniel J. Strait is the fourth edition to the Silver Tears series. Nakiata, Dravone, Ka’tia, and Tyrog are back on their most challenging adventure yet. The lives of these characters has been anything but easy, but the longer they are together the more complicated things becomes. Personalities clash, danger erupts, and tempers flare as they push ever closer to their goal, finding themselves perpetually challenged, blocked, and manipulated. I enjoyed watching the alteration in relationships throughout this book. Maintaining the same tell-style narrative as the previous books allowing the reader to build a clear picture of events, surroundings, and characters. Action, adventure, manipulation, and peril continue as the end grows closer to the prophecies fulfilment, and even if they succeed and find the final person, the quest is far from over.

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