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Book review: Awoken – Billie Jade Kermack (@BKermack_Awoken)

Grace had been lost in despair since her father’s death. Happiness something so far beyond her reach she no longer recalls how it feels. That was until Beau came into her life, this beautiful stranger captured her heart from the moment she first laid eyes on him, he had a way of easing her pain, but little did she know that whilst his love completed her, it was also the most dangerous thing in the world. Plagued by nightmares that follow her to the waking world she discovers a horrifying truth, and Beau may have some answers, but she fears to tell him would be to lose the one good thing in her life.

Dark and haunting Awoken by Billie Jade Kermack is a combination of paranormal romance and thriller as you are whisked into a world a ghosts, danger, and serial killers. I loved the chemistry between Beau and Grace, there was a sweetness to their every interaction that really made you root for them. Both are broken, but perhaps together they can become whole again. Smoothly written, well paced, and enjoyable this plot filled with romance, danger, and terror will keep you engaged from beginning to end, and leave you wanting that next book.

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