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Book review: The Sensorians: Trust – Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg (@BrigitteMorseS1)

With her father threatening to overthrow the Sensorian way of life, Eli knew it would take more than words to prove her loyalty. She endured her punishment but it made little difference, and the month isolation had been one of the hardest months she had ever had to endure. With family bonds being so powerful, there are those who doubt she could truly ever be one of them, especially since it is their mission to stop her father. Her father made no secret about wanting her on side. He wanted to being their kind out of the shadows, to build a world where crimes were answered for, and guilt easily detectable. It didn’t sound like too bad a life. A life free from the army-like control of this life-style. When forced to chose between those who brought her clarity and the one who gave her life, Eli knows she will only get one chance to make this decision, but will it be the right one, and is she for the consequences?

The Sensorians: Trust is the second book in the gripping series by Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg. Having read the first book I was eager to get my hands on the second book. I really couldn’t wait to find out what happened next, and I wasn’t disappointed, trust and faith is pushed to its limited as dangerous plans and unexpected developments throw the Sensorian world into turmoil. Written from the alternating perspectives of Zack, Zaphire, and Eli you are thrust into the confusing world of love, emotions, and high stakes as nothing is quite what it seems. I really enjoy books with strong characters and I continue to enjoy watching these three grow and change as their relationships alter. With strong characters, a gripping plot, danger, chaos, and uncertainty this is a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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