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Book review: Ascend – Billie Jade Kermack (@BKermack_Awoken)

Grace had been beaten and left for dead. That was what it took, along with a warning from the beyond, to get Beau back into her life. But even the sweetest reunions are haunted by secrets. Unsure if she can trust him to stay, especially knowing what she does, she resolves her self to silence, but she should have learnt her lesson. Silence can be damning, especially when there are those who want to be heard. Can Grace do what must be done and find a way to hold on to the one person who completes her, or will this new challenge tear them and her sanity apart?

Ascend by Billie Jade Kermack is the second instalment in the Shadowed Veil series. This paranormal Romance will have you on the edge of your seats as you try to uncover the mystery and danger haunting Grace. Her life with Beau is a blessing, he is the only thing that feels right with her world, especially when dark forces from beyond the grave are intent on torturing her as they bend her to their will. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Grace and Beau, it is both bitter and sweet at times. Smoothly written with interesting twists and a healthy dose of intrigue you’ll be whisked along on a journey of danger, discovery, and intrigue.

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