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Book review: Sally Shadow by Alex Markson (@amarksonerotica)

Sally had not been in a relationship for a while, and the ones she had never lived up to her expectations. When a new man joins the book club and she unexpectedly finds some common ground, she wonders if they can’t be the answer to each others problems. She want to explore something she has never experienced, and he wants to chase his own fantasies. The two of them embark on a journey of discovering, pulling each other from the shadows to embrace things they had only dreamed off, avoiding the question of what they could be to each other, and seeing how far they will go. Both have pasts, both have problems, and for the time being they both have each other. But how far will they be willing to go, how much will they risk?

Sally Shadow by Alex Markson is the first book in the Kinky Companions series. I really enjoyed the alternating perspectives between Marcus and Sally which gives the reader an insight into both of their pasts, issues, their insecurities, and feelings. There is plenty of character development giving you a chance to know and love the characters and become invested in their story as they embark an a fun and exciting journey together. Well-written with great narrative and descriptions. A hot and steamy journey of self-discovery and love, which also takes the time to define what a true BDSM relationship needs.

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