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Book review: Jay Veloso Batista – The Vardoger Boy (@JayVBatista)

In Jay Veloso Batista’s, The Vardoger Boy, Raga had warned Finn it was there, but not soon enough for him to evade the attack. He had been about to start his newest adventure, learning the way of the sea, aboard his uncle’s ship when the mast troll had attacked. He was done with the Realm Between, but it was not done with him. Not by a long shot. The troll demands a fare to allow them the use of the vessel he protects, a quest. He has no choice, not if he wants to stay beside his uncle. But Karl has his own worries, his own enemies, but he cannot help but notice all is not right with his nephew. Can Finn’s two worlds unite to allow him to do all he must, or is his quest doomed to fail before it can even start?

The Vardoger Boy follows on from the first book in Jay Veloso Batista’s The Forerunner series and once again conjures images of a vibrant and well-defined world. Clearly a lot of thought and research has gone into creating this book and keeping it as accurate to the times as possible right down to the games being played. This is a tale of friendship and trust, warriors and honour. There is nothing more satisfying than when a book delves into the realms of folklore, magic, and the things legends are made of, and does it well. Filled with gripping action, engaging story arcs, and a plethora of characters you’ll just love to follow. I particularly enjoyed how the author skilfully sets scenes with vivid details aimed at providing a full sensory experience, it just makes it so easy to become lost on this world and the atmosphere. Action, adventure, fear and betrayal combine with real emotions, struggles and fantastical enemies to bring an epic adventure to your fingertips.

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