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Book review: L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event (@lj_shen)

Rory had never intended to end up in his bed. She had gone to Ireland to mourn her father. She hadn’t meant to fall in love, to leave a part of her there along with a contract, one that states she or Mal would not look for each other, but if their paths ever crossed again they would marry. Eight years have passed, she pursued her career but never forgot him. Never. Not for a second. When he appears at a work gathering she can barely believe her eyes. But he has moved on with his life, not only that he seems intent on destroying hers.

In The Unlikely Event is an enemies to lovers romance by L.J. Shen. It expertly combines, romance, humour, frustrations, and misunderstandings while fate manipulates events. I enjoyed watching past and present unfold as we come to understand why such dark feelings follow Mal and what parts of history have been manipulated to suit the needs of those involved. This is not just a romance, it is a tale of discovery not only of the self but of a past hidden and lies told. The emotions are deep and real, and the characters are vivid and relatable. A gripping read beginning to end.

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