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Book review: April Wilson – Vulnerable (@AprilWroteIt)

Shane had it all, money, his own business, a string of beautiful women. The one thing he didn’t have was something he didn’t even realise he was missing, not until he laid eyes on Beth. His company had been hide to protect her from the man responsible for her nightmares and the thought of anyone touching her made every rule he broke justifiable. She was his, no one would ever hurt her again. The problem was they had met under false pretences, and learning the truth could be her undoing, their undoing. Caught between love and duty, right and wrong, can he clear his head enough to know what is for the best, or will he let his heart rule his thinking?

Vulnerable by April Wilson is an enjoyable romance that combines trauma, vulnerability, and trust issues with a dangerous plot and consuming romance. Tension escalates through the plot as danger closes in and Shane fears he cannot protect Beth as much as he needs to. The characters are alive, deep with their own very real emotions and concerns which make this an engrossing read. Steamy, sweet, and dangerous with plenty of adversity.

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