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Book review: Maggie Carpenter – Cowboy (@magcarpenter2)

Carly was desperate to escape the city, to work in a place that mirrored her own morals. When she came across Dream Horse Ranch it is like her prayers have been answered. There was, however, one draw back. The owner, a stud by the name of Keith, has a very strict discipline policy, although she’s not as opposed to the idea as maybe she should be. There’s a secret at this ranch, asking questions gets you punished, and yet she can’t help herself. She finds herself drawn to Keith like a moth to a flame, wanting to bare his every secret. But his secret could cost him everything, she could cost him everything.

Cowboy is a steamy ranch based romance written by Maggie Carpenter. There is a great combination here of romance, kink, secrets, and just a dash of the supernatural. There are many mysteries surrounding the ranch and Carly’s arrival has the potential to cost Keith dearly, but the moment he saw her ride he knew he wanted her, and as more than just the latest hand. The problem is, she asks too many questions. I enjoyed the mystery and gradual uncovering of secrets. Carly’s presence is a catalyst, not just for him but for the others on the ranch as well. This place was always a family, but everyone has secrets and her warm personality slips past everyone’s defences. With twists and turns, a whirlwind romance spurred by fate, and an uncertain future that hangs in the balance, this is a read that will keep you entertained from the first page to the last.

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