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Book review: Across the Border – Mark Morey (@markmorey5)

Sixteen year old Mei was thrilled to have met Long. They connected instantly. She had always hoped to find someone she could be with, someone who could make her happy. But little did she know he wasn’t who he said he was. Torn from her home and sold as a wife Mei is learning the harsh truth of the world. Isolated in a country where no one speaks her language she is forced to serve, and slave away under the hateful eyes of her new mother in law. Until she is thrust into further danger and she gets drawn unto the world of organised crime. Meanwhile detective-sergeant Nuam is undercover, investigating the local drug triad and in more danger than she could possibly fathom.

Across the border is a fast paced, gritty crime thriller delving into the world of six trafficking and organised crime. I enjoyed how the author gives the reader a real feel for the culture, settings and environment while spinning a harrowing tale of a young girl’s spiral into the world of organised crime, while presenting an alternative angle from the police’s undercover investigation side. Great settings and intense as you follow the story from the perspective of several key players.

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