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Book review: C.A. King – High Heels And Mistletoe (@PortalProphecy)

Christmas. The season of joy. Sure if the meaning of joy has turned to being saddled with an ancient curse that made Christmas time unbearable. While the local shops blaring out Mistletoe and Wine wouldn’t cause Julietta Romero to break out in hives, the presence of mistletoe was a dangerous thing indeed. She’d got it managed, she’d avoided incidents for years, then some stupid idiot in the office decided it should be spruced up for the holidays and disaster struck. Worse still, some the desperate fool in the street witnessed her humiliation, and who would he be but the client her boss needs her to get signed. All she wanted to do was get away for Christmas, now she has to stay until he signs the deal. But he isn’t playing fair, he hasn’t even read the contract. He is everywhere, in her business, in her home, and haunting her dreams. She needs to get this playboy out of her mind, but it seems fate has other plans.

High Heels And Mistletoe is a wonderful Christmas themed romance by the talented C.A. King. I loved the characters in this book, you can’t help but root for them Julietta starts to learn the joy of Christmas while Luke believes he has found the one thing that has been missing all his life. But fate often throws a curve ball. I loved watching how these two danced around each other, building foundations of something more and watching them grow together. It really is a great Christmas read, full of the spirit and joys that make that time of year great while weaving a tale of romance and magic you can’t help but adore.

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