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Book review: Emily Stormbrook – Hel to Pay

After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, Marrok Lovel was enslaved by the alpha of the Woodroe Cluster in exchange for his sister’s freedom. Forced to grow up quickly he spends his life fighting, first in the rings, and then delivering punishments for unpaid debts. That was how his path crossed with Hel’s. Her parents had snorted, injected, and gambled until making repayments was impossible. Marrok had taken women as payment before, but none like her. He was broken, dead inside, and yet this feisty woman somehow stirred within him a promise of something else. She made him want to live again. But Woodroe has other plans, with a buyer secured He’s days are numbered, can Marrok find a way to overcome the will-binding to save a woman whose light is so bright it chases away his own darkness, or will he fail her, just like he failed his sister?

Emily Stormbrook’s Hel to Pay is the first book in the Elswyth Chase series, and oh my, what a read. I instantly fell in love with the vibrant characters and was whisked away on an exciting journey of danger, love, and passion. There were times I needed to catch my breath. From heart-pounding action and tragedy, to sex scenes that leave you gasping, this is one book that has it all to offer. It is everything it needs to be, emotional, deep, and a sensory delight. I can’t wait for the next book!

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