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Book review: Bound By The Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn

Bound By The Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn is a fantasy/ erotic romance, and the second book in the Spellbound Hearts Series.

51vaiojpcylRoni is a strong, full on woman, she knows how to take care of herself, she had no choice but to learn. But there are some things all the street smarts and cons would never have prepared her for. While fleeing from a con gone wrong she inadvertently finds her escape through a passage to another realm. In this strange world everything seems deadly and unfamiliar. Then she comes across Uaine, he claims she is his, yet she feels no such pull. In order to escape Roni must pull the con of a lifetime. No human has every been allowed to return from Fairie. Will her plans succeed, especially when she finds herself beginning to question where the con stops and the truth begins.

Bound By The Summer Prince is a well-crafted story with believable and interesting characters. I really enjoyed the combination of Fae legends and species and how they all fit into the hierarchy of the Summer Court. Our world could certainly stand to learn a thing or two from their perspectives. A great story both from a fantasy and an erotic romance perspective. The great balance between the two made this a real pleasure to read.


Bound By The Summer Prince



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Book review: The Game of Sexes by Opal K. Dante

The Game of Sexes by Opal K. Dante is a thrilling combination of the action adventure genre and erotic romance.

gosEvie is a twenty year old virgin, almost freshly released from the all-girl boarding school her mother banished her to at the earliest possibility. But now she is home once more, and her obsession with her step-father Sebastian has only grown stronger. He has been married to her mother for just over five years and his affections towards his wife are strained at best. At every opportunity he leaves for Singapore, and the way he looks at Evie speaks of his own repressed desire. She vows to do anything to have him and very soon the opportunity presents itself, leading her into more danger and discovery than she could ever have imagined.

Sex, scandal, murder, action, adventure, mysteries and secrets The Games of Sexes has it all. This is not your typical erotic romance, it is an action packed adventure with peril, danger and surprising twists you won’t see coming. The plot is strong and compelling, the characters interesting, unique, well-developed and bursting with personality. The author’s style is immersive and more than once I found myself chuckling at some of the more humorous events. This book really is an amazing and surprising read and the erotic scene serve to enhance the story, not consume it. I look forward to reading more work of Opal K Dante’s in the future.

Book link:

The Games of the Sexes

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Book review: Siren’s Snare by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Siren’s Snare an erotic romance by Jessica Marie Baumgartner . Savaunt has not long turned 500, middle age he longs for a child of his own, a son. There is only one problem. indexHe is a Siren, a race of males who can only produce offspring with a human female. Leaving his lover and best friend Desmond he embarks on his journey to find the perfect woman to birth his child, once her role is complete, in the way his kind have always done he will use her to satisfy his appetite. Sirens devour humans, it is simply the way things have always been. Finding himself on land, penniless and bare he immediately sets about using his charms to obtain everything he needs. Soon he finds  Lena, she works in a coffee shop with her best friend, and she is everything he needs. With the mother of his child in his sights he sets about seducing her, but she is harder to charm than most.  Lena requires more effort and focus than he imagined, but as he begins to win her affections he soon discovers she ignites something unexpected within him, he wants more with her than his people’s ways allow.

Jessica Maria Baumgartner creates characters with an old-fashioned charm, the gentlemanly Savaunt could seduce by words alone even without his siren’s voice. A nicely written romantic plot as Savaunt first tries to win Lena’s affection and is forced to address his involvement with her. Siren’s Snare also touches on issues such as environmental awareness. The growth and changes undergone by the characters are enjoyable and breathe further life into the deep and interesting cast. Appealing to romance readers from all wakes and the otherworldly charm only serves to enhance the beautify scripted plot. This is one book difficult to put down. A well-crafted plot that ticks all the boxes in an erotic romance.

RF_Official_Reviewer Siren’s Snare