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Book review: Ivy Smoak – Addiction (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Broken hearted, mortified, lost. Penny can’t eat, she can’t sleep, she can’t focus on reviewanything but the pain. Professor Hunter, however, seems fine. He’s back to normal, teaching and looking his sexy self with only one major difference. He won’t even look at her, he won’t acknowledge she exists. Seeing her sinking into devastation Tyler puts aside his anger towards her, concern trumping over his own heartbreak as he sees her slowly wasting away. Her friends keep telling her to move on, to get on with her life, and yet he was such a big part of her she fears she can never be the same. But she needs to try. He is doing fine, just fine without her, so maybe she too can recover, and like her friend says, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. And it helped, right until he turned up. It seems things aren’t as finished as she thought. He was her addiction, her passion, her drive, but she needed to move on, didn’t she?

Ivy Smoak’s Addiction is the second book in The Hunted series, and if you thought the first one made your pulse race just wait until you get your hands on this. Life is changing for everyone and hard decisions must be made. The past is always present, infringing to the present, jeopardizing any chance of happiness but something else remains too, passion, love, addiction. Filled with contradiction and confusion Penny must understand her heart, learn what and who she really wants before someone gets hurt again. But no matter what she chooses someone will be hurt. There is nothing simple about love, especially when you feel you have to hide. Written with a passion and fervor that will make your heart race and leave you gasping. Jilted lovers, possession, heart wrenching, and moving, what’s not to love?

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