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Book review: Kate Messick – Rolling for love

Sandy had never lasted long as part of a D&D team. It might have had something to do reviewwith her inability to bend rules while knowing the rule books back to front, or maybe it was her abrasive personality. She didn’t play well with others, but this group was different. Willing to be flexible with her difficulties and help her grow. Things were going well, in the game and in life, until her boss and ex-boyfriend decide he wants her back and will go to any lengths, even blackmail, to make her his.
Rolling for Love is a romantic RPG/ real-life alternating fiction written by Kate Messick. I have to say I really enjoyed the mechanics of this book, two stories in one you have real-life and in-game which create a unique opportunity for all the characters to grow in both game and life and watching Sandy blossom as a character drawing on lessons and relationships was brilliant. As a lover of fantasy and LitRPG, I enjoyed the mingling of the fantasy world and the tabletop gaming aspect that will appeal to readers seeking fantasy adventure, real characters, magic, and romance.

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