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Book review: Daniel Maldonado – Butterflies Blue (@DanielMalAuthor )

Layla Little had supported her boyfriend Leon through his studies, she had even thrown reviewhim an amazing graduation party and moved her life for him. But still he had refused to publicly acknowledge their relationship. She wanted to be his First Lady, but instead she was nothing more than a dirty secret, one he thought he could cheat on and abuse. When she met Daniel some time later she thought she was finally ready to take a chance on love, that is, until Leon returned, wanting her back. Their past is complicated, her future uncertain as memories from the past imprint onto the present casting her into turmoil. Should she go back to him, or take a chance on Daniel, who doesn’t seem to be the man she thought he was.

Butterflies Blue is the fourth book in Daniel Maldonado’s Chambers Lane Series. It follows the insecure journey of Layla Little as she fights between past and present, heart and mind to try to uncover exactly who she is and what she wants. This story is as much about Layla learning what she needs and is worth as it is about the three men vying for her affection. I enjoyed the scene setting of this book, at times I really felt like I was in the wonderful places being described to the point I now want to visit some of them to see them with my own eyes.

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