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Book review: L.A. Sky – Tomorrow

Olivia was tired of coming home to an empty house. She wanted love, a man who was reviewloyal, responsible, and protects what he loves. But trust, trust was the key and had to run both ways. Her life was simple, work, friends, and home. But the night she went to Jamie’s party everything changed. Unnerved by a strange man, nauseous, giddy, she finds herself falling into the arms of her dream man. They met eight years ago and he’s never forgotten her, not for one second. He makes her feel special, seen, but something about him seems too good to be true. But maybe it’s not him she needs to worry about. A dark secrets haunts her past, and a jealous ex-boyfriend is intent on ruining the happiness she may have finally found.

Tomorrow is the first book in L.A. Sky’s Today series. The first thing to strike me about this book was the life breathed into the characters not only through narration but the distinctive dialogue that really helps you get a feel and attachment towards Oliva and her family and friends. The book is written in alternating first person perspectives switching between Olivia and David allowing the reader to experience the full story and understand exactly what is unfolding in a plot wrought with danger, romance, heartbreak, and love. The whirlwind romance is hot and steamy as David plays for keeps, sweeping her from her feet and never letting her go. A perfect combination of romance, suspense, and mystery, intertwined with real life drama and just the slightest hint of comedy.


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