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Book review: The Game of Sexes by Opal K. Dante

The Game of Sexes by Opal K. Dante is a thrilling combination of the action adventure genre and erotic romance.

gosEvie is a twenty year old virgin, almost freshly released from the all-girl boarding school her mother banished her to at the earliest possibility. But now she is home once more, and her obsession with her step-father Sebastian has only grown stronger. He has been married to her mother for just over five years and his affections towards his wife are strained at best. At every opportunity he leaves for Singapore, and the way he looks at Evie speaks of his own repressed desire. She vows to do anything to have him and very soon the opportunity presents itself, leading her into more danger and discovery than she could ever have imagined.

Sex, scandal, murder, action, adventure, mysteries and secrets The Games of Sexes has it all. This is not your typical erotic romance, it is an action packed adventure with peril, danger and surprising twists you won’t see coming. The plot is strong and compelling, the characters interesting, unique, well-developed and bursting with personality. The author’s style is immersive and more than once I found myself chuckling at some of the more humorous events. This book really is an amazing and surprising read and the erotic scene serve to enhance the story, not consume it. I look forward to reading more work of Opal K Dante’s in the future.

Book link:

The Games of the Sexes


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