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Book review: What’s it gonna be? by Cassandra Piat

What’s it Gonna Be is a romantic comedy written by Cassandra Piat

Lucy loves Matt, they have been together for over four years, they’ve had their ups and 51qjeklzgsldowns but always end up back together. But recently Lucy has become discontent, her job is going no where and Matt’s fear of commitment means the much desired ring on the finger seems nothing more than a pipe dream. Forced to re-evaluate what she wants from life, and whether or not it is something Matt will be a part of, she begins to doubt her relationship, question the direction they are heading, or if they are even moving at all. Then along comes Jake.

What’s it Gonna Be is a bit like a love child of Bridget Jones, How I met your Mother, and Friends. It is a fun and entertaining read written in the first person with more than one chuckle littered throughout. The characters are well-developed and entertaining, each with their own sub-plot which runs alongside the events of Lucy’s life. There are some profoundly moving moments which completely capture the events and raw emotions. Anyone who’s a fan of Bridget Jones would certainly love this.

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What’s it Gonna Be?


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