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Book review: Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories by Renae Lucas-Hall

 Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories by Renae Lucas-Hall is a collection of 51atmicsTzL15 short stories centring around an array of unique and interesting characters. This compilation tells stories and events from everyday life to the life changing and magical. Each one possesses its own moral and message. With a wide range of settings, scenes, and characters there is certainly something for everyone.

I enjoyed how Renae Lucas-Hall produced an empathic feeling to her tales, it was easy to understand how the characters were feeling, the choices they faced, and the impact on their lives events had on them. I thought the added bonus of later stories continuing the tale of some earlier introduced  characters was a lovely touch. The book itself is written in an array of styles clearly reflecting the author’s diversity.

I enjoyed most of the stories found within but the ones which really stuck in my mind were Homestay Hell and A Wife for Kurou, I thought they were both well-written and the characters emotions and reactions very believable given the circumstances they faced.

Being short stories I don’t want to spoil the plots but these are perfect read for putting your feet up with a cup of tea, especially if, like myself, you have an interest in the Japanese culture. It will certainly bring new considerations to mind.

Amazon links:

US: Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories

UK: Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories


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