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Book review: Recusant (The Brin Archives Book 2) by Jim Cronin

Recusant (The Brin Archives Book 2) by Jim Cronin is a sci-fi fantasy and sequel to Hegira. Maliche is a Rocker, as such there are certain things expected from him. He however wants Recusantmore from life than his name would dictate. He chose archaeology over genetics, bringing shame to his family, and now seeks a means to uncover the past in hope to guide the future. The Brin were brought to this world long ago, and now with every new generation their life span decreases, a solution must be found before it is too late. Most believe the answers lie in the genes, but Maliche believes the answers are in the past, and the more he uncovers about the true history of his people the more founded his beliefs become. The truth can be dangerous, especially when it brings into question the entire history of their race. Small things left excluded, manipulated, or rewritten have monumental repercussions and reveal a sinister plot. His journey takes him to an unimaginable discovery, where he witnesses the truth of the past and claims his true birthright as a Rocker, one even he could not have imagined. Can Malachite expose and stand against those who have twisted the very fabric of their race to their whims?

Recusant (The Brin Archives Book 2) is an entertaining and gripping read. The story itself takes place a long time after Karm, Jontar, and Maripa guided their people from the brink of extinction. Whilst no knowledge is needed of the previous book, Hegira, I thoroughly enjoyed learning of the events which shaped the Brin’s future on this planet. The manner in which the past was relayed was a stroke of genius, believable, interesting, and fitting with the characters and plot development. Once again Jim Cronin creates a cast of diverse and vivid characters, equipped with engaging dialogue and fully developed personalities. There are so many threads to this one tale, hidden connections, plots and schemes that it is impossible not to get ensnared yourself.


Book link: Recusant


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