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Book review: Michele E. Gwynn – Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown (@MicheleEGwynn)

Michele E. Gwynn’s, Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown is an erotic romance reviewfollowing Sarah Brown. Sarah was a virgin in every sense of the word, not only had she never known the touch of a man, but she had never even left her home town. When her friends left for college she stayed, taking a job in the only place she had felt peace from her overbearing, controlling, Christian mother. She stayed as she got sick, nursed her through cancer, but when the inevitable happened Sarah found herself with a new life, one with no restrictions or inhibitions, and she intended to explore everything she had dreamed of. Little did she know the start of her adventure would bring her something more than she bargained for, and her travels will pull her into a situation she cannot turn from, one where a life hangs in the balance.

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele E. Gwynn is an easy flowing, engrossing, and gripping tale where you find yourself drawn to Sarah as she does something she has never done before, lived. Casting off the cocoon of her old life she undergoes a metamorphosis, emerging as the person she wants to be. There are plenty of steamy erotic scenes found within, from dalliances to the more perverse in nature, and they are scripted beautifully. Steamy, passionate, and tasteful, just as it should be. Amidst her journey of discovery is an involved plot, lovers, friends, dangers, and discovery as events unfold and reach their ultimate climax. I enjoyed the easy flowing style, and how Michele E. Gwynn writes such erotic scenes without any crudeness or vulgarity, everything flowed seamlessly and was linked in ways you see unfolding. A good plot, and cast where even supporting characters come alive in their own way.

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