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Book review: Jennifer Laslie – How to Spell Disaster (@AuthorJLaslie)

How to Spell Disaster is a paranormal romance by Jennifer Laslie. Tucker was having a reviewrun of bad luck. Not only had his dream job, the promotion he had been grooming himself for, been given to someone else, but his luck with the ladies was none existent. When an antique book came into his possession he thought his luck may change, especially when he attempted one of the spells within. He could not have been more wrong. A simple spell to attract love did just that, the problem was, it worked too well. Male, female, it didn’t matter, everyone wanted him, and their hungry obsession only heightened as time passed. He was told true love’s kiss would break the spell, but how can he find the one, when he is drowning in the tide descending upon him, and their appetite for him is only increasing?

A first-person perspective is by no means my favourite, but when it is executed as expertly as Jennifer Laslie does in How to Spell Disaster I can’t help but love it. This was first-person perfection, pulling me straight in and instantly connecting me to the main character. There were scenes in this book which reminded me of the movie Love Potion Number 9. It has me chuckling, cringing, and just begging for Tucker to see the truth before him. I enjoyed this light-hearted romantic comedy, which carries with it the clear warning, be careful what you wish for, and don’t dabble with things you don’t understand. I enjoyed the real feeling of the main characters, even the cat Athena, was perfectly written. While in the extreme, it was fun watching roles reverse as Tucker became the tasty little morsel on the office women’s menu, and he gets a taste of what being on the other side of such advances is like. Humorous, fun, and entertaining, How to Spell Disaster is a perfect read for lovers of Romcoms especially for those who like an extra touch of magic injected.

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