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Book review: Jared A. Zakarian – The Ikalreev Prophecies

 Jared A. Zakarian’s The Ikalreev Prophecies is the first book in the Verdunmull series. reviewFaolan’s first memory was of the faces of his parents. Not his real parents, they, like his past had been long forgotten. His new parents were eves, and he had been trained to be a scout, but the events he beheld placed him in the path of a much larger destiny, one so large it had once been told in a prophecy where the fate of the world will hang in the balance. New creatures, a race against time, and a battle for survival are about to begin as key players of the prophecy of old are revealed. But what future will come to pass, and can that which was written be altered?

The Ikalreev Prophecies by Jared A. Zakarian is an epic fantasy adventure, Jared A. Zakarian. Monsters, dragons, elves, and dwarves, what more could a fantasy ask for except perhaps cursed angels and ancient prophecies? Within the intriguing and ambitious plot you will find action, adventure, and no small amount of lore, myth, and legends. Great world building draws the reader in, and the developed and diverse characters keeps them entertained. In parts this reminded me of Witcher, with fantastic beasts, epic struggles, and rising  stakes. I enjoyed watching the plot unfold, questioning motives, alignments, and loyalties. The writing style flows smoothly and keeps you invested. Danger, chaos, escalating odds, and a fight for survival will keep you hooked on this epic tale from beginning to end.

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