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Book review: Ivy Smoak – Forged in Ice (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Wanted for murder, Sadie and her friends find themselves on the run, hiding away from reviewthe life they knew. But four people forced to give up everything, career, love, privacy, all being pushed together while the police are on the prowl is enough to put a strain on any relationship. Shattered beyond repair Sadie seeks revenge, vengeance, but her actions are anything but collected leaving her friends no choice but to intervene. She knows she must end this once and for all, to break free of the oppressive bonds Don has imprisoned her with. He is willing to destroy and take everything she loves to get her back, and the cost may just be too much to pay.

Ivy Smoak’s Carved in Ice is the third and final book in the Made of Steel series. I have to admit that there was nothing about this series that disappointed me. As the series unfolds the character continue to grow, their lives change, and perspectives alter. I really loved the romance aspect of all the books and of course, the ending is perfect. I enjoyed how Sadie was broken and confused, human in every way, making mistakes, feeling conflicted, and embracing whatever she must to push through the pain, even if deep inside she knows what she’s pursuing isn’t what she needs. Tense and intriguing I really didn’t want to put this book, or any of them down. While it ends at the perfect point I can honestly say that I never wanted it to finish and these are characters I will truly miss.

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