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Book review: Ivy Smoak – Forged in Flames(@IvySmoakAuthor)

Sadie was in trouble, not only was her heart conflicted but her mind was a mess. She no reviewlonger knows who she can trust, everyone is keeping secrets and now a new game is afoot. Don has found her. The life she thought she had is over, but if the latest threat is understood it isn’t just her life as Sadie in danger. Don is playing with her actual life, and in the end he always takes what is his.

Forged in Flame is the second book in Ivy Smoak’s Made of Steel series and just like the first, it was impossible to put down, a perfect sequel. I loved the characters, how they changed and grew and how I didn’t want to part from them for even a second as I watched their lives unfold and sometimes unravel. Filled with emotion, hardship, doubt, and love a journey for truth, survival, and healing has never been so entertaining. Book three is already on my kindle and I’m raring to go.

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