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Book review: Ivy Smoak – Made of Steel (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Summer had gone. Scrubbed out, erased, forgotten. All but for a single memento. A reviewreminder of the worst and best night of her life. Becoming Sadie was bad enough, but when her path crossed with the one person she could never forget her new start is in jeopardy. She had one instruction, to call if she saw anyone from her past, so why wouldn’t her finger press the button when Miles smiled her? He was the first boy she loved, the man she once thought she would marry, the boy who broke her heart and forgot about her when she needed him most. She has to stay hidden, but the way he looks at her makes her feel seen. But a darkness has followed her to New York. To reveal herself would be to put the lives of those she loves in jeopardy. Can she really start over with her past so close?

Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak is a gripping romance about a young woman forced into witness protection only to find the one person she has been missing most of her life. The absolute worst thing about this book was my decision to open it at bedtime thinking I could just read for an hour. Boy was I was wrong. Not only couldn’t I sleep until I finished, but I was also so emotionally charged reading it I struggled to sleep. The cliff hanger ending meant I had to pick up book two, and trust me when I say it took a hell of a resolve not to start reading it at 4am. This book is impeccably written and you can’t help but become invested in the characters, especially Sadie as she learns to trust and embrace her new life. Action, romance, heartbreak, and danger combine in an addictive combination that leaves you needing more. This book certainly earned a place on my recommended books list.

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