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Book review: Julia Cowan – Cells (@juliacowan74)

James Hall hadn’t had the best start in life, his father had brushes with the law, his home felt anything but safe. As he grew older, he too was tempted. He had his brushes with the law, but then one day he crossed the wrong person. It had seemed like a simple opportunity, too easy, too good to overlook. He wasn’t sure why he had even done it, and if he’d know the cost maybe he would have just walked away. But he hadn’t, and he found himself drawn into something he could never have imagined. Confused, disorientated, he wakes in a cell, no way out, alone, and a choice awaits him, one that may seem impossible to make.

Cells by Julia Cowan is a psychological fiction that delves into crime, punishment, and justice, Sick of seeing criminals walk away scot free, two men decide to take the law into their owns hands to ensure the scum of the land get what they deserve, get punished in a way fitting their crime. James Hall is unlucky enough to find himself in one such place, but maybe, if he plays his cards right, there is still hope for him. This book has so many connecting threads woven in that the deeper you get into the story the more you connect the dots and events. I really enjoyed how we move between current and past events, filling in the pieces of a puzzle that is, at first, too large to see. This is masterfully written, intriguing and suspenseful with a strong cast of characters. It certainly held my attention from beginning to end.

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