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book review: A.R.S.E by Nolan Locke and Damien Hanson

Meredith’s plan had been simple. Fulfil Derek’s wildest fantasy and make him hers. She was one of the best in Prestige gaming, a company who revolutionised AR, her work was phenomenal, and it was exactly the tool of seduction she needed. What she hadn’t counted on was things spiralling out of control, glitches are appearing left, right and centre, cross genre merges, bizarre occurrences, but worse still, not matter what she does, Derek isn’t even noticing her. The game word is in chaos, spiralling out of control. Only it seems they are not the only ones playing, the game is playing with them too, and its sole mission seems to be to eradicate them.

A.R.S.E by Nolan Locke and Damien Hanson is a fun, witty, and entertaining addition to the LitRPG genre. The characters are refreshingly unique and the humour woven into the book had me chuckling aloud at times. Fast-paced and imaginative, this book will keep you on your toes and your plunged into the world of unrequited love, friend-zones, and epic glitches, both in the game and Meredith’s attempts at catching Derek’s eye. Light-hearted and tense, this book has it all, from dinosaurs to spaceships.

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