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Book review: Jesse Wilson – Nightworld ( @Jesse_Wilson_ )

Derek was a gamer. The fact he preferred old-school consoles over the modern-day VR had never really bothered him. He hated the thought of being stuck inside a game, nothing could get him to change his mind. Nothing, except for his sister threatening to disclose his phobia to everyone. Her proposal was simple, one hour… Continue reading Book review: Jesse Wilson – Nightworld ( @Jesse_Wilson_ )

author, book review, reading, writing

Author interview: Bret Allen

It is a great pleasure to introduce author Bret Allen. Although this fine young man is a British author, one living almost in my own backyard for that matter, I was recommended his work by a friend of mine who now lives in America. As soon as I read the synopsis I knew his work was a… Continue reading Author interview: Bret Allen


Game review: Tales of Zestiria

Good morning all. A few days back I finished playing Tales of Zestiria, since I post book revies, I suddenly though, why don't I post a game one too. I have been a fan of the Tales of series since Tales of Destiny, and have played every one. except Rebirth and Hearts. Although truth be told… Continue reading Game review: Tales of Zestiria