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Book review: Jesse Wilson – Nightworld ( @Jesse_Wilson_ )

Derek was a gamer. The fact he preferred old-school consoles over the modern-day VR reviewhad never really bothered him. He hated the thought of being stuck inside a game, nothing could get him to change his mind. Nothing, except for his sister threatening to disclose his phobia to everyone. Her proposal was simple, one hour in VR and she would keep his secret. He thought he was saving himself, yet when he attempts to log out his fears are realised. Trapped in the game he has no choice but to emerge himself in this new reality until he can find a means of escape.

Nightworld, by Jesse Wilson, is by no means the first LitRPG book I have read. As a gamer, I have to admit I am really fond of this genre and this book makes a wonderful addition. I enjoyed Derek’s character, how he went from not wanting to play, to exploiting the cheats his unusual advantage gave him, which of course gave him a new lease of life and attitude towards the game. What RPGer hasn’t eyed unobtainable loot, or amazing weaponry that would otherwise be unobtainable? There are layers to this only a gamer would understand, depth to events and quests, as well as insider humour. Action, adventure, secret quests, and great game mechanics make this a must-read to fans of the genre, or anyone seeking a fun read. One thing is for certain, if I spot a second book to this series it will be on my to-read list, how could it not with secrets like those Derek uncovered?

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