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Book review: Mari Collier – Man, True Man (@child7mari )

Teacher had an impossible task. With the death of his predecessor and the predicted Star reviewShift, a heavy burden was placed upon his shoulders. It was said he would either save or condemn their world. To do so he must discern who the True Man and the True Foe is. To put his faith in the wrong one would condemn them all to ashes. When Loren’s ship crashes he is robbed of everything but his instincts. After battling through the Green Belt he is taken in by those following the teachings of the Way. With only the experiences of his time here, and the name, Loren, he was given by his rescuers, he must find his place in this world, and by doing so hopefully, reveal his place in the prophecy while there is still time to act. Is he True Man or True Foe, and how can the actions if one condemn the world or lead it to salvation?

Man, True Man is the first book in Mari Collier’s  The Chronicles of Tonath series. Set in the future on an alternative planet it follows the life of Loren as he finds himself within these unfamiliar lands with no memory of his past. Within this book are a deeply woven plot and a world filled with its own struggles, politics, and factions. I enjoyed watching his life unfold, and his instincts guided the path he set himself and his family upon. Danger, uncertainty, strife, and challenges fill the well-paced plot and leave the reader wondering the truth behind Loren’s path and how his life would shape the future and the dangers it would bring.

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