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Book review: Shay Mills – Grimm and Gram (@EricUnknown1 )

When the Grim Reaper comes knocking most people encounter the stages of grief, but reviewwhat if it was death who offered a bargain? For each life she takes Grimm is willing to extend Phyllis’ time for another year. What is an 80-year-old Gran to do? There are so many people whose presence should be scrubbed, so many. Should she embrace death, or become death’s embrace?

Grimm and Gram: Would you like some tea with Death, is a fun and entertaining tale by Shay Mills. Its length makes it the perfect size to read in one sitting, and the development ensures you’ll want to see how things progress. I liked Phyllis’ character, a sweet gran like those everyone knows and loves, but when tempted, she is only human. Short and sweet, this tale shows a vivid transformation and an interesting and alternative take on the origin of some serial killers and makes for an enjoyable read.

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