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Book review: Jamie A. Waters – To Kill a Fae – The Dragon Portal Book 1 (@jawatersbooks)

Within a city of stone, metal, and dead wood many secrets can be found. Some beneath reviewthe twisting sewers, and others a little closer to home. Years ago Sabine was forced to flee her homeland. Taking up residence in the last place any would think to look for her. She became lost amidst the crowd. But secrets have a way of changing hands, and an attempt on her life suggests there is more occurring behind the closed doors of the city than she knew. She had pulled away from her work with the demon Dax, and in doing so lost access to a great deal of information. When a stranger arrives, Sabine is unable to deny her attraction to him, and whilst she feels the exchange to be mutual she cannot help but be suspicious. She longs to be herself with him, to reveal her darkest and most dangerous secret. But one who has harboured a secret can quickly recognise another walking the same path. This mysterious stranger is hiding something, and with her safety already hanging in the balance, she fears their involvement could cost more than just her own life. He claims to be seeking an artefact for a client, but something warns her there is more to the tale, and soon she must decide who can be trusted, or risk losing all.

Jamie A, Water’s To Kill a Fae is one of those rare and magical reads you don’t want to put down. There was nothing not to love about this book. Sabine made an amazing protagonist, her strong, powerful personality shine through and pulling those who would be allies along with her. The rich and vivid cast will satisfy the reader, drawing them effortlessly into a world of hidden magic, pacts, and loyalties. From the first chapter, I knew this book was something special. Excitement, tension, and mystery with the threat of secrets and looming danger filled the difficult plight which Sabine takes within her stride. The author’s style is flawless, descriptive, compelling and imaginative. The only time I was disappointed was when the story came to an end, but not because it was in any way lacking, I wanted more, I want to know what happens next, and where paths and fate drive Sabine next. I don’t have words to express how perfect this book captured the life, spirit, and essence of all it needed to be. The tensions between the characters were tangible, well crafted, and believable. This truly is a masterpiece. If I could give this thrilling adventure more than five stars, I would. It has certainly earned its place as one of only a few books I give my personal recommendation to. It is hard to believe anyone could be anything but wholly sated by this gripping tale.

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