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Book review: C.A. King Hope after Death (@PortalProphecy)

Hope wanted to blend in, she wanted to be a normal Banshee like everyone else. Their reviewhair was a beautiful white, but hers was red. Stained with blood, cursed, a precursor to the horror she would bring, said her peers. It was all too much for a child to take. Why she was different was unknown, but there had been a prophecy about her birth, and she could be either a destroyer or saviour. Given recent warnings, Knollville’s supernatural department wanted to ensure that the end of all was not afoot, seeking answers they find themselves lost in Hope’s history, hoping to find answers for the future.

Hope after Death is the third book in C.A. King’s Welcome to Knollville series. Having read the previous ones I am enjoying watching the main plot unfold in a series of stand-alone tales. I thought the characters were interesting and well-developed. I enjoyed watching the evolving relationships and rivalries in Hope’s life, as well as delving deeper into the happenings of Knollsville and the workings of their paranormal department. Adversity, friendship, betrayal, and manipulation are the foundations of Hope’s tale. Events are really coming together, with raising stakes which suggest war and a battle for survival is already underway afoot. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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