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Book review: Keri Kruspe – An Alien Exchange (@keri_kruspe)

Aimee was alone. Bored of her life, and with co-workers she had no incentive to reviewbefriend, her only real joy came from snuggling down at the end of the night with a good alien romance. But it appears there was more to these books than fiction. When she finds herself abducted and propositioned for the life she has only read about, her first instinct was to challenge her kidnappers for proof. Little did the know the cost of her actions. Coming face to face with the intoxicating Qay started a chain of events that not only endangered his future but placed their very lives in danger. She was meant to be part of the Exchange, to be nothing more than a blip on his radar, but others had noticed his reaction to her, and some planned to use it for their own gain.

An Alien Exchange is the first book in Keri Kruspe’s Alien Exchange trilogy. Written in the third-person perspective it covers the alternating perspective of Aimee and Qay, along with the occasional another character. This was a sweet and tragic love story, a tale of hope and rejection, regrets and manipulation. I enjoyed how the characters came together only to be torn apart and placed in uncertain situations. Hidden agendas, secret slave rings, and underhanded dealings keep the reader hooked as they wonder the fate awaiting Aimee as things go from bad to worse. I thought the characters were interesting and well developed and the erotic scenes were passionate and intense. Adventure, romance, heartbreak, and secrets make this a book not to be missed for those who enjoy romance with an extra flair.

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