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Book review: The Frozen Flame – Sionna Trenz

Celia, aka CC, has spent years protecting her heart, throwing up mental roadblocks, looking for a reason why a good thing won’t last, why the person she is with will let her down. She can’t help it, her past ensured she’d be wary when it came to loving and trusting a man. The problem is, Rowan has caught her attention from the start, something about him sneaks past her defences. Rowan has been drawn to her since he first laid eyes on her, haunted by her beauty, but since their date another vision has been haunting him, one of ice and death delivered by her hand. He dreams in prophet, and knows he must do whatever it takes to stop this from happening. Someone, or something, is bringing trouble to their island once again, he only hopes he can protect those he loves from the fate that seems to wait in their future.

The Frozen Flame is the second book in Sionna Trenz’s Stargazer island series. I was completely enthralled by the first, so I was excited to learn the second book had been released. I enjoyed seeing the return of familiar characters, and witnessing how their life has changed since the short time since the end of the last book. Unlike the first, which revolved around Sonya and Liam, this book’s main focus is on Celia and Rowan. I loved how the author introduces us to diverse and interesting information about Roma culture and I’ve always had a soft spot for when authors insert phrases or words from other languages. The chemistry between Celia and Rowan is undeniable, as is the looming threat. Everything came together wonderfully as chaos and myth combine once more. I enjoyed how the book continues to bring in the characters we know, with something of a promise of more on their stories to come. I didn’t connect with Celia and Rowan’s story as much as I did with Sonya and Liam’s, but the story was still intense, engaging and well-written.

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