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Book review: S.P. Dawes – The Vine Tree

Hayley and Jesse had been through hell. It finally seemed like they had chance to get their life together. They had each other, they had their beautiful boy, and they also had argument after argument until it seemed their love was no longer enough to hold the broken pieces together. Traumatised by what happened Hayley tries to get her life back together and move on. But being apart is the last thing Jesse wanted. Unaware that his attempts to reconcile with Hailey are being sabotaged, he vows to do whatever it takes to win her back, especially when a new case lands on his desk that feels a little too close to home.

The Vine Tree is the second book in S.P. Dawes The Vine Series. Having read the first book I was eager to find out where the next addition to the series would take us. watching Jesse and Hailey struggle, and the obstacles that they need to overcome from the guilt and regret they both harbour and the challenges they must face, both existing and new. I enjoyed watching events developed from the newest case that lands on Jesse’s desk, to discovering answers to questions we’ve considered since the first book. Well-paced, intense, and engaging, the Vine Tree was the perfect sequel, and after some of the bombshells in book two I can’t help but wonder where number three will take us. I started this book last night with the intention of reading just a few chapters, but instead I ended up finishing it at 3am.

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